q_collapsed_metric_v5_6< Version > Struct Template Reference

#include <q_collapsed_metrics_test.h>

Inheritance diagram for q_collapsed_metric_v5_6< Version >:
metric_test< model::metrics::q_collapsed_metric, Version >

Public Types

enum  { disable_binary_data =true, disable_binary_data_size =true }
typedef metric_test< model::metrics::q_collapsed_metric, Version > parent_t
typedef parent_t::metric_set_t metric_set_t
typedef parent_t::metric_t metric_t
- Public Types inherited from metric_test< model::metrics::q_collapsed_metric, Version >
enum  Checks
typedef model::metrics::q_collapsed_metric metric_t
typedef model::metric_base::metric_set< model::metrics::q_collapsed_metricmetric_set_t
typedef metric_t::header_type header_t
typedef metric_set_t::const_iterator const_iterator

Static Public Member Functions

static void create_expected (metric_set_t &metrics, const model::run::info &=model::run::info())
template<class Collection >
static void create_binary_data (Collection &buffer)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from metric_test< model::metrics::q_collapsed_metric, Version >
static std::string name ()
static std::vector< T > to_vector (const T(&vals)[N])
static std::vector< T > to_vector (const sparse_value< T, Size >(&vals)[N])

Detailed Description

template<int Version>
struct illumina::interop::unittest::q_collapsed_metric_v5_6< Version >

This generator creates an expected metric set and the corresponding binary data

See also
Version 6

Member Typedef Documentation

Define a metric set type

Define a metric type

Define a parent type

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Do not check the expected binary data


Do not check the expected binary data size

Member Function Documentation

static void create_binary_data ( Collection &  buffer)

Get the expected binary data

bufferbinary data string
static void create_expected ( metric_set_t metrics,
const model::run::info = model::run::info() 

Create the expected metric set

metricsdestination metric set

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