#include <info.h>

Public Types

typedef ::uint32_t uint_t
typedef std::vector< std::string > str_vector_t
typedef std::vector< read_inforead_vector_t
typedef read_vector_t::const_iterator const_read_iterator

Public Member Functions

 info (const std::string &name="", const std::string &date="", const std::string instrument_name="", const size_t run_number=0, const uint_t version=0, const flowcell_layout &flowcell=flowcell_layout(), const str_vector_t &channels=str_vector_t(), const image_dimensions &image_dim=image_dimensions(), const read_vector_t &reads=read_vector_t())
 info (const flowcell_layout &flowcell, const read_vector_t &reads=read_vector_t(), const str_vector_t &channels=str_vector_t())
const std::string & instrument_name () const
const std::string & flowcell_id () const
size_t run_number () const
const std::string & name () const
const std::string & date () const
uint_t version () const
const flowcell_layoutflowcell () const
const str_vector_tchannels () const
const image_dimensionsdimensions_of_image () const
const read_vector_treads () const
bool is_indexed () const
bool is_paired_end () const
bool is_last_cycle_of_read (const size_t cycle) const
size_t cycle_within_read (const size_t cycle) const
const read_inforead (const size_t read_number) const INTEROP_THROW_SPEC((model
void channels (const str_vector_t &channels)
void reads (const read_vector_t &read_vec)
void set_naming_method (const constants::tile_naming_method naming_method)
void flowcell (const flowcell_layout &flowcell)
size_t total_cycles () const
size_t useable_cycles () const

Detailed Description

Metadata describing parameters that can change between runs

This class parses the RunInfo.xml XML file

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef read_vector_t::const_iterator const_read_iterator

Constant read iterator type

typedef std::vector<read_info> read_vector_t

Read vector type

typedef std::vector<std::string> str_vector_t

String vector type

typedef ::uint32_t uint_t

Unsigned integer type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

info ( const std::string &  name = "",
const std::string &  date = "",
const std::string  instrument_name = "",
const size_t  run_number = 0,
const uint_t  version = 0,
const flowcell_layout flowcell = flowcell_layout(),
const str_vector_t channels = str_vector_t(),
const image_dimensions image_dim = image_dimensions(),
const read_vector_t reads = read_vector_t() 


namename of the run
datedate of the run
instrument_namename of the instrument
run_numbernumber of the run
versionxml file format version
flowcelllayout of the flowcell
channelsnames of the color channels
image_dimdimensions of the image
readsdescription of the reads
info ( const flowcell_layout flowcell,
const read_vector_t reads = read_vector_t(),
const str_vector_t channels = str_vector_t() 


flowcelllayout of the flowcell
readsdescription of the reads
channelsstring list of channel names

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