phasing_metric_v1 Struct Reference

#include <phasing_metrics_test.h>

Inheritance diagram for phasing_metric_v1:
metric_test< model::metrics::phasing_metric, 1 >

Static Public Member Functions

static void create_expected (metric_set_t &metrics, const model::run::info &=model::run::info())
template<class Collection >
static void create_binary_data (Collection &buffer)
static void create_summary (model::summary::run_summary &summary, const bool=false)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from metric_test< model::metrics::phasing_metric, 1 >
static std::string name ()
static std::vector< T > to_vector (const T(&vals)[N])
static std::vector< T > to_vector (const sparse_value< T, Size >(&vals)[N])

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from metric_test< model::metrics::phasing_metric, 1 >
enum  Checks
typedef model::metrics::phasing_metric metric_t
typedef model::metric_base::metric_set< model::metrics::phasing_metricmetric_set_t
typedef metric_t::header_type header_t
typedef metric_set_t::const_iterator const_iterator

Detailed Description

This test writes three records of an InterOp files, then reads them back in and compares each value to ensure they did not change.

See also

Member Function Documentation

static void create_binary_data ( Collection &  buffer)

Get the expected binary data

bufferbinary data string
static void create_expected ( metric_set_t metrics,
const model::run::info = model::run::info() 

Create the expected metric set

metricsdestination metric set
static void create_summary ( model::summary::run_summary summary,
const bool  = false 

Get the summary for these metrics

run summary

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