surface_summary Class Reference

#include <surface_summary.h>

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Public Types

typedef metric_stat metric_stat_t
- Public Types inherited from stat_summary
typedef metric_stat metric_stat_t

Public Member Functions

 surface_summary (const size_t surface=0, const size_t channel_count=0)
size_t surface () const
size_t tile_count () const
void surface (const size_t val)
void tile_count (const size_t val)
- Public Member Functions inherited from stat_summary
 stat_summary (const size_t)
float percent_gt_q30 () const
float yield_g () const
float projected_yield_g () const
uint64_t reads () const
uint64_t reads_pf () const
const metric_stat_tdensity () const
const metric_stat_tdensity_pf () const
const metric_stat_tcluster_count () const
const metric_stat_tcluster_count_pf () const
const metric_stat_tpercent_pf () const
const metric_stat_tphasing () const
const metric_stat_tprephasing () const
const metric_stat_tpercent_aligned () const
const metric_stat_terror_rate () const
const metric_stat_terror_rate_35 () const
const metric_stat_terror_rate_50 () const
const metric_stat_terror_rate_75 () const
const metric_stat_terror_rate_100 () const
const metric_stat_tfirst_cycle_intensity () const
const metric_stat_tphasing_slope () const
const metric_stat_tphasing_offset () const
const metric_stat_tprephasing_slope () const
const metric_stat_tprephasing_offset () const
const metric_stat_tpercent_occupied () const
void percent_gt_q30 (const float val)
void yield_g (const float val)
void projected_yield_g (const float val)
void reads (const uint64_t val)
void reads_pf (const uint64_t val)
void density (const metric_stat_t &stat)
void density_pf (const metric_stat_t &stat)
void cluster_count (const metric_stat_t &stat)
void cluster_count_pf (const metric_stat_t &stat)
void percent_pf (const metric_stat_t &stat)
void phasing (const metric_stat_t &stat)
void prephasing (const metric_stat_t &stat)
void percent_aligned (const metric_stat_t &stat)
void error_rate (const metric_stat_t &stat)
void error_rate_35 (const metric_stat_t &stat)
void error_rate_50 (const metric_stat_t &stat)
void error_rate_75 (const metric_stat_t &stat)
void error_rate_100 (const metric_stat_t &stat)
void first_cycle_intensity (const metric_stat_t &stat)
void phasing_slope (const metric_stat_t &stat)
void phasing_offset (const metric_stat_t &stat)
void prephasing_slope (const metric_stat_t &stat)
void prephasing_offset (const metric_stat_t &stat)
void percent_occupied (const metric_stat_t &val)
void resize_stat (const size_t)


template<class MetricType , int Version>
struct io::generic_layout

Detailed Description

Summary statistics compiled by surface

The reported standard deviation is always between tiles, not cycles. For metrics like error metrics, the mean over all cycles is used for each tile, before calculating the standard deviation.

Member Typedef Documentation

Collection of metric statistics type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

surface_summary ( const size_t  surface = 0,
const size_t  channel_count = 0 


surfacesurface number
channel_countnumber of channels

Member Function Documentation

void surface ( const size_t  val)

Set surface number

valsurface number
void tile_count ( const size_t  val)

Set number of tiles on the surface

valnumber of tiles in the surface

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend struct io::generic_layout

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