generic_layout< phasing_metric, 2 > Struct Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for generic_layout< phasing_metric, 2 >:
default_layout< 2 >

Public Types

typedef layout::base_cycle_metric< ::uint32_t > metric_id_t
typedef float weight_t
- Public Types inherited from default_layout< 2 >
typedef ::uint8_t record_size_t
typedef ::uint8_t version_t

Static Public Member Functions

template<class Stream , class Metric , class Header >
static std::streamsize map_stream (Stream &stream, Metric &metric, Header &, const bool)
static record_size_t compute_size (const phasing_metric::header_type &)
static record_size_t compute_header_size (const phasing_metric::header_type &)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from default_layout< 2 >
static std::streamsize map_stream_for_header (Stream &, Header &)
static RecordSize map_stream_record_size (Stream &stream, RecordSize record_size)
static bool skip_metric (const Metric &metric)
static bool is_valid (const LayoutId &id)

Detailed Description

struct illumina::interop::io::generic_layout< phasing_metric, 2 >

Phasing Metric Record Layout Version 2

This class provides an interface to reading the phasing metric file:

  • InterOp/EmpiricalPhasingMetrics.bin
  • InterOp/EmpiricalPhasingMetricsOut.bin

The class takes two template arguments:

 1. Metric Type: phasing_metric
 2. Version: 2

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef layout::base_cycle_metric< ::uint32_t > metric_id_t

Metric ID type

typedef float weight_t

Weight type

Member Function Documentation

static record_size_t compute_header_size ( const phasing_metric::header_type &  )

Compute header size

header size
static record_size_t compute_size ( const phasing_metric::header_type &  )

Compute the layout size

size of the record
static std::streamsize map_stream ( Stream &  stream,
Metric &  metric,
Header &  ,
const bool   

Map reading/writing to stream

Reading and writing are symmetric operations, map it once

streaminput/output stream
metricsource/destination metric
number of bytes read or total number of bytes written

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