base_cycle_metric< T > Struct Template Reference

#include <base_metric.h>

Inheritance diagram for base_cycle_metric< T >:
base_metric< T >

Public Types

typedef base_metric< T >::lane_t lane_t
typedef base_metric< T >::tile_t tile_t
typedef ::uint16_t cycle_t
typedef constants::base_cycle_t base_t
- Public Types inherited from base_metric< T >
typedef ::uint16_t lane_t
typedef T tile_t
typedef ::uint8_t record_size_t
typedef constants::base_tile_t base_t

Public Member Functions

 base_cycle_metric (const lane_t lane_=0, const tile_t tile_=0, const cycle_t cycle_=0)
template<class BaseMetric >
void set (const BaseMetric &metric)
bool is_valid () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from base_metric< T >
 base_metric (const lane_t lane_=0, const tile_t tile_=0)
template<class BaseMetric >
void set (const BaseMetric &metric)
bool is_valid () const

Public Attributes

cycle_t cycle
- Public Attributes inherited from base_metric< T >
lane_t lane
tile_t tile

Detailed Description

template<class T>
struct illumina::interop::io::layout::base_cycle_metric< T >

Base class for InterOp records that contain tile specific metrics per cycle

These records contain both a lane, tile and cycle identifier.

These classes are packed such that there is not padding. Their size reflects the accumulation of their member fields.

Member Typedef Documentation

Define base type

typedef ::uint16_t cycle_t

Cycle intergral type

typedef base_metric<T>::lane_t lane_t

Lane integral type

typedef base_metric<T>::tile_t tile_t

Tile integral type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

base_cycle_metric ( const lane_t  lane_ = 0,
const tile_t  tile_ = 0,
const cycle_t  cycle_ = 0 


lane_lane number
tile_tile number
cycle_cycle number

Member Function Documentation

bool is_valid ( ) const

Test if the layout contains valid data

true if data is valid
void set ( const BaseMetric &  metric)

Set the lane, tile and cycle id from a base metric

metrica base_metric from the model

Member Data Documentation

cycle_t cycle

Cycle number

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