#include <read_info.h>

Inheritance diagram for read_info:

Public Types

typedef size_t number_t
- Public Types inherited from cycle_range
typedef size_t cycle_t

Public Member Functions

 read_info (const number_t number=0, const cycle_t first_cycle=0, const cycle_t last_cycle=0, const bool is_index=false, const bool is_reverse_complement=false)
number_t number () const
bool is_index () const
bool is_reverse_complement () const
cycle_t total_cycles () const
cycle_t useable_cycles () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from cycle_range
 cycle_range (const cycle_t first_cycle=std::numeric_limits< cycle_t >::max(), const cycle_t last_cycle=0)
cycle_t first_cycle () const
cycle_t last_cycle () const
void first_cycle (const cycle_t val)
void last_cycle (const cycle_t val)
bool empty () const
void update (const cycle_t cycle)
void update (const cycle_range &rng)


class info
template<class MetricType , int Version>
struct io::generic_layout

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from cycle_range
cycle_t m_first_cycle
cycle_t m_last_cycle

Detailed Description

Defines a range over cycles

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef size_t number_t

Define integral read number type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

read_info ( const number_t  number = 0,
const cycle_t  first_cycle = 0,
const cycle_t  last_cycle = 0,
const bool  is_index = false,
const bool  is_reverse_complement = false 


numberread number identifier
first_cycleindex of first cycle
last_cycleindex of last cycle
is_indextrue if the read is an index read

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class info
friend struct io::generic_layout

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