base_read_metric< T > Struct Template Reference

#include <base_metric.h>

Inheritance diagram for base_read_metric< T >:
base_metric< T >

Public Types

typedef base_metric< T >::lane_t lane_t
typedef base_metric< T >::tile_t tile_t
typedef ::uint16_t read_t
typedef constants::base_read_t base_t
- Public Types inherited from base_metric< T >
typedef ::uint16_t lane_t
typedef T tile_t
typedef ::uint8_t record_size_t
typedef constants::base_tile_t base_t

Public Member Functions

 base_read_metric (const lane_t lane_=0, const tile_t tile_=0, const read_t read_=0)
template<class BaseMetric >
void set (const BaseMetric &metric)
bool is_valid () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from base_metric< T >
 base_metric (const lane_t lane_=0, const tile_t tile_=0)
template<class BaseMetric >
void set (const BaseMetric &metric)
bool is_valid () const

Public Attributes

read_t read
- Public Attributes inherited from base_metric< T >
lane_t lane
tile_t tile

Detailed Description

template<class T>
struct illumina::interop::io::layout::base_read_metric< T >

Base class for InterOp records that contain tile specific metrics per read

These records contain both a lane, tile and read identifier.

These classes are packed such that there is not padding. Their size reflects the accumulation of their member fields.

Member Typedef Documentation

Define base type

typedef base_metric<T>::lane_t lane_t

Lane integral type

typedef ::uint16_t read_t

Read integral type

typedef base_metric<T>::tile_t tile_t

Tile integral type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

base_read_metric ( const lane_t  lane_ = 0,
const tile_t  tile_ = 0,
const read_t  read_ = 0 


lane_lane number
tile_tile number
read_read number

Member Function Documentation

bool is_valid ( ) const

Test if the layout contains valid data

true if data is valid
void set ( const BaseMetric &  metric)

Set the lane, tile and read id from a base metric

metrica base_metric from the model

Member Data Documentation

read_t read

Read number

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