#include <format_registry.h>

Public Types

typedef key_vector_t::const_iterator const_key_iterator

Public Member Functions

template<class MetricType >
void operator() (const MetricType &, int version)
template<class MetricSet >
void operator() (const MetricSet &)

Public Attributes

format_map_t m_format_map
key_vector_t m_keys

Detailed Description

Track every metrics and its available binary formats

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef key_vector_t::const_iterator const_key_iterator

Define an iterator to the keys identifying each metric

Member Function Documentation

void operator() ( const MetricType &  ,
int  version 

Insert a metric type and format version into the tracker

Populate actual from tests

versionversion of the format
void operator() ( const MetricSet &  )

Insert a metric set into the tracker

Populate expected using run metrics

Member Data Documentation

format_map_t m_format_map

Map each metric to a set of version formats

key_vector_t m_keys

Map a list of metrics

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