plot_metric_proxy Class Reference

#include <plot_metric_proxy.h>

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename Plot >
static void select (const model::metrics::run_metrics &metrics, const model::plot::filter_options &options, const constants::metric_type type, Plot &plot)
static bool is_present (const model::metrics::run_metrics &metrics, const constants::metric_type type)

Detailed Description

Proxy using reflection-like macros to select plotting data from run_metrics

Member Function Documentation

static bool is_present ( const model::metrics::run_metrics metrics,
const constants::metric_type  type 

Check if the metric is present

metricsrun metrics
typemetric type
true if the metric is present
static void select ( const model::metrics::run_metrics metrics,
const model::plot::filter_options options,
const constants::metric_type  type,
Plot &  plot 

Switch statement that selects the proper metric set and function from the individual metric

Template Parameters
Plotfunctor type
metricsrun metrics
optionsfilter options
typemetric type
plotplotting functor

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