Public Types

typedef const unsigned char * bool_pointer

Public Member Functions

 read_by_cycle_func (const std::string &f, const size_t last_cycle, bool_pointer load_metric_check=0)
template<class MetricSet >
int operator() (MetricSet &metrics) const

Public Attributes

std::string m_run_folder
size_t m_last_cycle
bool_pointer m_load_metric_check

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef const unsigned char* bool_pointer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

read_by_cycle_func ( const std::string &  f,
const size_t  last_cycle,
bool_pointer  load_metric_check = 0 

Member Function Documentation

int operator() ( MetricSet &  metrics) const

Member Data Documentation

size_t m_last_cycle
bool_pointer m_load_metric_check
std::string m_run_folder

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