abstract_text_format< Metric > Member List

This is the complete list of members for abstract_text_format< Metric >, including all inherited members.

header_t typedefabstract_text_format< Metric >
id_t typedefabstract_text_format< Metric >
metric_t typedefabstract_text_format< Metric >
version() const =0abstract_text_format< Metric >pure virtual
write_header(std::ostream &out, const header_t &header, const std::vector< std::string > &channel_names, const char sep, const char eol)=0abstract_text_format< Metric >pure virtual
write_metric(std::ostream &out, const metric_t &metric, const header_t &header, const char sep, const char eol, const char missing)=0abstract_text_format< Metric >pure virtual
~abstract_text_format()abstract_text_format< Metric >inlinevirtual