metric_stream.h File Reference

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template<class MetricType >
std::string interop_filename (const std::string &run_directory, bool use_out=true)
template<class MetricType >
std::string interop_basename (bool use_out=true)
template<class MetricType , typename OutputIterator >
void copy_versions (OutputIterator oit)
template<class MetricSet >
size_t read_header (std::istream &in, MetricSet &metrics)
template<class MetricSet >
void read_metrics (std::istream &in, MetricSet &metrics, const size_t file_size, const bool rebuild=true)
template<class MetricType >
size_t record_size (const typename MetricType::header_type &header, const ::int16_t version=MetricType::LATEST_VERSION)
template<class MetricType , class HeaderType >
size_t size_of_record (const HeaderType &header, const ::int16_t version=MetricType::LATEST_VERSION)
template<class MetricSet >
bool is_multi_record (const MetricSet &header,::int16_t version=-1)
template<class MetricSet >
size_t size_of_buffer (const MetricSet &metric_set,::int16_t version=-1)
template<class MetricType , class Header >
size_t size_of_header (const Header &header, const ::int16_t version=MetricType::LATEST_VERSION)
template<class MetricSet >
size_t header_size (const MetricSet &header,::int16_t version=-1)
template<class MetricType >
void write_metric (std::ostream &out, const MetricType &metric, const typename MetricType::header_type &header, const ::int16_t version)
template<class MetricType >
void write_metric_header (std::ostream &out, const ::int16_t version, const typename MetricType::header_type &header=typename MetricType::header_type())
template<class MetricType >
std::string interop_filename (const std::string &run_directory, const size_t cycle, bool use_out=true)

Detailed Description

Interface for reading/writing InterOps from/to a binary stream