run_summary_generator< Gen, SummaryLogic > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for run_summary_generator< Gen, SummaryLogic >:
abstract_generator< model::summary::run_summary >

Public Member Functions

::testing::AssertionResult generate (model::summary::run_summary &expected, model::summary::run_summary &actual, bool *) const
base_t clone () const
void write (std::ostream &out) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from abstract_generator< model::summary::run_summary >
 abstract_generator (const int test_modifier=0)
virtual ~abstract_generator ()
virtual bool advance ()
int test_modifier () const
std::string info () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from abstract_generator< model::summary::run_summary >
typedef generator_ptr< model::summary::run_summaryparent_type

Detailed Description

template<class Gen, class SummaryLogic>
class run_summary_generator< Gen, SummaryLogic >

Generate the actual metric set by reading in from hardcoded binary buffer

The expected metric set is provided by the generator.

Member Function Documentation

base_t clone ( ) const

Create a copy of this object

pointer to an abstract_generator

Implements abstract_generator< model::summary::run_summary >.

::testing::AssertionResult generate ( model::summary::run_summary expected,
model::summary::run_summary actual,
bool *   
) const

Generate the expected and actual metric sets

expectedexpected metric set
actualactual metric set

Implements abstract_generator< model::summary::run_summary >.

void write ( std::ostream &  out) const

Write generator info to output stream

outoutput stream

Implements abstract_generator< model::summary::run_summary >.

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