series< Point > Member List

This is the complete list of members for series< Point >, including all inherited members.

add_option(const std::string &option)series< Point >inline
assign(const size_t n, const Point &val)data_point_collection< Point >inline
at(const size_t index) const INTEROP_THROW_SPEC((modeldata_point_collection< Point >inline
Bar enum valueseries< Point >
begin() const data_point_collection< Point >inline
Candlestick enum valueseries< Point >
color() const series< Point >inline
color(const std::string &color_name)series< Point >inline
const_iterator typedefseries< Point >
const_reference typedefseries< Point >
end() const data_point_collection< Point >inline
Line enum valueseries< Point >
operator<<(std::ostream &out, const series &data)series< Point >friend
operator>>(std::istream &in, series &data)series< Point >friend
operator[](const size_t index) const INTEROP_THROW_SPEC((modeldata_point_collection< Point >inline
operator[](const size_t index) INTEROP_THROW_SPEC((modeldata_point_collection< Point >inline
options() const series< Point >inline
options_t typedefseries< Point >
point_collection_t typedefseries< Point >
push_back(const Point &point)data_point_collection< Point >inline
reference typedefseries< Point >
resize(const size_t n)data_point_collection< Point >inline
series(const std::string &title="", const std::string color="Blue", const series_types series_type=Candlestick)series< Point >inline
series_type() const series< Point >inline
series_types enum nameseries< Point >
size() const data_point_collection< Point >inline
size_type typedefseries< Point >
title() const series< Point >inline